Saturday, December 18, 2010

Two and a Half Months Later

...Weston's announcement finally goes out.  Oh well.  It's done.

Giving Thanks

A Few Things to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving:

1.)  Brett getting the ENTIRE week of Thanksgiving off of work.  Wahoo!!  (Too bad, so sad for Christmas.)
2.)  A totally content sleeping baby during the 1 1/2 hour flight to Utah.
3.)  Having ALL SEVEN of Brett's siblings together for a few days to bless Baby Jaxon.
4.)  Weston meeting most of his Blaser aunts, uncles, and cousins including his future partner-in-crime, cousin Jaxon, born only 8 days before him.
5.) Tons of fun family activities including some riveting games of tennis, two trips to the movies (Weston did great in both!), and an amazing day at the Flowrider.
6.)  The opportunity to meet up with some of our BFF's, the Chamberlains, for some of the most delicious hot chocolate EVER from Hunts Family Chocolates, aka "The Little Chocolatiers"!  Also, getting to see their handsomest little man Isaac again.
7.) TWO Thanksgiving meals, one with each family, especially since Brett was incapacitated during the first one with the stomach flu.
8.) Brett getting over his stomach flu BEFORE we had to fly back home at Arizona. PHEW!!
9.) My brother and sister arriving safely home to Arizona from BYU after flying thru a "record-setting" blizzard, and them FINALLY getting to meet Weston.
10.) A competitive game of Tripoley complete with some amazing, and not so amazing, dollar prizes!
11.) The fact that there is only ONE baby in the Jones family right now, because getting a family pic was hard enough.  Yes, this pic is doctored. :)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Terrorist

I can officially say...TSA does NOT discriminate or profile.  While stumbling through security on our way to Utah, the TSA agent kindly reminded me, "You need to remove those shoes."  I looked down at my sock-cladden feet... and then realized he was talking about Weston's 2 inch newborn shoes.  Go figure.  I guess he might try to take over the cockpit.  You never know.

Weston's Newborns

I guess when your baby is two months old, it's about time to post his newborn photos.  Thanks so much to Libby who captured these amazing photos when he was 8 days old.  BTW, be on the lookout for his announcement.  It's coming soon.  I promise! :)


How pathetic is it that I'm just now posting about a visit from the Willms that occurred over a MONTH ago?!  Pretty pathetic. 
That aside, we were SOOO lucky to have a quick visit from Jon, Mandy, and Maddy last month.  We've been missing ALL our medical school friends like CRAZY, so there was nothing like a ritualistic night out to Cafe Rumba and Juju Berri to raise the spirits and subdue the nostalgia.  There was also nothing crazier than seeing baby Maddy running around and talking.  How time flies!!  Thanks so much to the Willms for taking some time to come visit us during your vacation.  We miss you guys!