Sunday, August 28, 2011


Weston kinda likes water.  ALOT.
HOO-RAY for neighborhood splash pads.
Look at that *cheesiest* grin ever!
Nothing like some high-pressure water straight to the face...
...or right up the bum!  Whatever keeps you cool, right?! :)
Oh, how we LOVE a day at the splash pad!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Wanna Catch Your Wave

Recipe for a wonderfully fantastic, uber amazing, extraordinarily fun FHE night...

2 parents
1 sister
2 friends
and 1 visiting from out-of-town brother

A birthday celebration for Dad
and 2 hours of wet fun at the new Mesa Flowrider

A happy, wet, exhausted family
the greatest FHE ever
and one slap-happy way-past-his-bedtime baby

 Taylor, Haleigh, Haleigh (yes, two Haleighs!), Dad, and Garrett
My boys
Flowrider Love :)
We are a Flowrider family, through and through!

Thanks to my parents for SUCH a fun night! 
Happy Birthday DAD!! 
Garrett, we miss you already!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catch Up

We're back!!  What we've been up to for the last month and a half...

...battling havoc...

...soaking up sunshine...

...celebrating 7 years...

...and fighting allergies.

If you are one of the few people that care, check out the following several posts for more details on any of the above.


Oh what do you do in the Summer time, when all the world is HOT?!  ...  Create your own fun inside!  That's what Weston does, at least. 

Try as I might, Weston somehow seems to find new things to get into on a DAILY basis.  Here's just a FEW of his recent escapades...

decorating the bathroom
 emptying the shredder (i promise the shredder is powered off AND unplugged!)
 scaling the luggage
 reorganizing the pantry (how does he know he's supposed to drink the soda?! :) )
rummaging through the ads
 saving the ads from the recycle man
Do you notice his mischievous grin in each scenario, once he realizes he's been caught.  How can I get mad at that?!

A few regular occurrences that I don't have pics of yet:  pulling the laundry out of the laundry basket, climbing up onto the treadmill, pulling the silverware out of the dishwasher, eating the dog food (he likes it!, this is a BIG problem), and chewing the computer cords. 

 Ugh, he wears me out!  I promise, I DO watch my child, he's just very fast at getting into mischief!

(Notice the bruise on his forehead.  It's from climbing over and diving head first in to the empty tub.  Just another one of his adventures. :) )

Beach Babe

The annual Blaser Family 4th of July week in Carlsbad was a success!  Perfect sunny mid-70's weather.  Lots of beach and pool time.  Tonz of fun with family.  And a boy who could seriously not be any happier playing on the beach.  BTW, he REALLY loves his cousins!
Weston is a SERIOUS beach baby!  From the moment he woke up, he would crawl to the door and pound to be let outside.  The sight of the beach brought an instant smile to his face.  He crawled up and down the beach all day, and would only sit still long enough to investigate some seaweed or run sand through his fingers.
He was VERY helpful when the big kids needed sand pulled out of their buckets.  He's really good at pulling things out from where they're supposed to be. :)
A break from the fun for some family pics - Weston is currently the youngest of 23 grand kids!!
Apparently Tessa decided that Weston was missing out on the cake and ice cream and decided to share hers!  Thanks cousin Tessa! :)  So glad I caught some pics of this! 
No California trip would be complete without a visit to see our BFF's the Binghams.  We were EXTRA excited this time to meet their new baby Wesley.  I'm sure he and Weston are going to be future partners-in-crime!
Towards the end of the week the waves got so big that we couldn't let some the kids out into the water.  I should have taken the same advice.  The last day I got racked so hard by a wave that I came up bleeding!
The only thing better than being on the beach... is ICE CREAM on the beach!!
We love California, we love the beach, and we LOVE being with family!  Couldn't have asked for a better week!

2,555 Days

Lucky Number S-E-V-E-N!!!

Yep, last month Brett and I celebrated our SEVENTH anniversary!  Can you believe it?!  It's amazing how time flies!  We took a quick escape to Sedona to enjoy the beautiful scenery and slightly cooler weather. 

We went on a Jeep tour, got massages, slept in, and R-E-L-A-X-E-D!  Thanks SO much to my parents for keeping Weston for us, and to Brett who planned the whole a SURPRISE!  What a great hubby I have!
Lunch on the patio with a beautiful view
Enjoying the rocks from our open air Jeep
Admiring the beautiful surroundings of Tlaquepaque Village 

Here's to a wonderful seven years, and many more to come!