Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know, with a title like that, this should probably be a post about how much in love I am with my new son. But, since he's still not here, I will instead tell you how much IN LOVE I am with his crib bedding!  Materialistic, probably, but justifiable, MOST DEFINITELY!!  After months of unsuccessful searching for nursery bedding I liked, my dear mother agreed to sew it for me.  We spent hours at the fabric store debating between different styles, colors, and designs, and ultimately decided on a select few.  Then, after countless hours (I am sure) of figuring out measurements and patterns (all without ever having a crib to test it on!), my uber-talented mother created this...
Yes, she made the bumper, the skirt, and the sheets!  I cannot even SAY how much I love it!  It is JUST my style and fits the crib perfectly! THANK YOU MOM SO MUCH!!  It is PERFECT!!

P.S. Stay tuned.  Eventually, some day, the rest of his room will be finished as well, and I will post some more pics.  Till then.

"Reflections of Motherhood" Advice

Any day, any minute now, this little boy will decide to make his appearance, and then I will forever more be a mother.  I saw this video on a friend's blog, and was completely overwhelmed by how applicable it is to me at this EXACT moment. asked mothers, if they could go back to right before they had their first child, what would they tell themselves?  These are their answers...

So, to all you experienced super moms, what would your sign say?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birth Date!

Caution: BEWARE of the ONSLAUGHT of posts below!

With less than three weeks left till my actual due date, our boy now has a scheduled birth day!  If he has not arrived by then, our little guy will be born on Monday, October 4th!  My actual due date is Saturday the 9th, but unfortunately the week Brett was given off work was the 4th - 9th.  We DO NOT want to spend Brett's only week home waiting for our baby to make his grand entrance, hence we'll be inducing Monday morning if he has not arrived by then.  We're somewhat doubting that I will make it to my induction date on the 4th, but even if I do, that only gives me TWO more weeks!  CRAZY!!!!

37 weeks

9/21/10 Update: After having scheduled my induction a week ago, the hospital called today to say they are full on the 4th.  So... I will now be delivering on Tuesday, the 5th... if all goes according to plans. :)

Some Recent Faves

In the midst of unprepared baby madness, I've had little time for most other things (blogging included, obviously!).  Here's my list of a few new treasures getting me thru these last few weeks.
  •  Neon Trees
Oh, how do I love these folks?!  They get me going when all I really want to do is settle down on the couch and clear out my tivo list.
  • Leggings
Refreshingly cool + uber-comfortable = the BEST way to get thru an Arizona summer while pregnant
  • Blue Bunny Mint Grasshopper Ice Cream Sandwiches
A newly discovered HEAVEN on Earth.  For real.
  • MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel
To quote from MAC's website: "the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish" "goes on foolproof"  Love it!
  • "These is My Words" by Nancy Turner
Not done yet, but could very possibly end up being one of my new faves
  • Amazon
Not the rain forest, the website.  Thank you Amazon for free 2-day shipping on any item I could ever want, for not charging tax, and for somehow amazingly getting my purchases to my doorstep the morning after I've ordered them.

  • Watermelon
I can't even begin to count the number of watermelons I've single-handedly consumed over the past month.
  • High-waist belts
Fitting right above my belly bump, I can still feel slightly fashionable while this boy rolls around inside me.
  • Hoover WindTunnel U6485900 Self-propelled Vacuum
A quick shout-out to the best vacuum EVER.  My most dreaded chore has instantly become my most favorite.  Seriously.  But with my new vacuum's self-propulsion, dirty carpet light indicator, and superior edge suction, how could vacuuming NOT become my most favorite chore?!

A HUGE thanks to this random list of items for making my day.  What are your recent faves?

Got Belly?

Much thanks to my cousin's wife Libby who snapped these maternity photos for us.  She's super talented and did a great job, especially considering the circumstances.  FYI: we'd been running errands all day long so our clothes/hair/makeup/etc. were beyond haggard, it ended up being one of the hottest days of the summer so we were dripping sweat, and we were interrupted mid-shoot by a monsoon so the second half of the pics were taken while hiding under shelter from the pouring rain.  Heat, wind, and rain do not make up ideal circumstances, but she did a great job of making due.  Thanks again Libby!
*Photos at 33 1/2 wks*


And so it begins.

Last Sunday, in preparation for our new arrival, I was released from Primary where I've taught the Sunbeam class for the last THREE years.  I've been in Primary so long I actually had no clue where our Gospel Doctrine class is taught and mistakenly ended up in the new member and investigator Gospel Principles class for Sunday School.  Oh well! When I went to say goodbye to my class, they asked why I wasn't going to be their teacher anymore.  I explained I had to start taking care of my own baby now.  They didn't seem too thrilled.  Oh how I love those kids!  Teaching the Sunbeams has been one of the funnest callings I've ever had.  Challenging and exhausting at times? Yes.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've learned so much more from these children and their pure sweet testimonies than they could have possibly learned from me.  I really will miss it. So now I transition to Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society, where it's fun to socialize with adults again, but where it seems unbearably quiet and where we don't ever get to sing "Popcorn Popping."

My Three Sunbeam Classes (missing several absent kids)

Another change: Friday was my last day of work, and it could not have come soon enough!  My initial plan was to work up until the baby was born, but as my due date got closer, and my nerves grew more shot I realized a change of plans was in order.  I decided to set my final day as the 17th, giving me two weeks before my induction date to prepare, relax, and recharge.  I'm now wishing I gave myself even more time because I still have so much to do in such little time.  As of now, I don't have any set plans for if/when I'll be going back to work.  My plans are to "wait and see."  I will definitely not be going back full time, but if I feel a day away would be a good thing I might consider going back 1 or 2 days a week.  Only time will tell.  For now I am concentrating on all the other changes and adjustments that are headed my way with the arrival of our little boy.  Can't wait!!