Saturday, June 25, 2011

thirteen THOUSAND feet!

Best. Memorial. Day. EVER!

To help my sister Taylor celebrate her 19th birthday (and to have some serious fun!), Brett and I joined up with my parents, my brother Garrett, and Taylor's friend Angela for a par-tay in the SKY! 
I can't think of a better way to celebrate Memorial Day, and Taylor's birthday, than jumping from an airplane at 13,000 feet and free-falling for an entire MINUTE!  It had been several years since either Brett or I went skydiving, so we were pretty stoked to be joining her!
gearing up...
 the birthday girl
 ready to go!!
 our group: Garrett, Taylor, Me, Angela, Brett, Mom, Dad
Since it was Taylor's first time skydiving (and her birthday), she got a photographer to document.  I've decided I'm going to steal these pics and pretend they are of me. :) 
coming in for our landing
 safe and sound.  what an ADVENTURE!!
So so so SO FUN!  Taylor, I wish you would have a birthday EVERY day! :)

"I wish that I could fly
Into the sky
So very high
Just like a dragonfly
I'd fly above the trees
Over the seas in all degrees
To anywhere I please
Oh I want to get away
I want to fly away
Yeah yeah yeah"
-Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

Man's Boy's Best Friend

5 Reasons Every Kid Needs a Dog
1.)  Dogs are a great motivation (and example) to crawl.
2.)  Dogs are great tug-of-war partners, especially when tempted with stuffed animals.
3.)  Dogs will clean up EVERY dropped strawberry, noodle, pea, and Cheerio.
4.)  Dogs will also clean up EVERY ounce of vomit before you can even grab a burp cloth.
5.)  Dogs are great at pulling strollers.

Weston LOVES his dogs.  He thinks they are absolutely hilarious, and they instantly put a smile on his face, regardless of his mood.  He is honestly just as excited to see the dogs in the morning, as he is to see us!

12 days old - snuggling with Kenzie
6 1/2 months old - playing with Tucker
7 weeks old
6 1/2 months old 
5 months old
Unfortunately a few weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our dog Tucker.  He was getting too old and his back legs only worked about half the time.  Tucker LOVED Weston, so it was very sad to see him go.

We still have Kenzie, and we're hoping she'll be around for a long time, but either way, I think we'll probably always have a dog, because I'm completely convinced...every kid needs a dog!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Weston likes to start his mornings off with a little yoga.
With a little determination he quickly gets his routine in for the day.

He starts out with a Cobra Pose... his core a good workout with the Plank...
...moves on to a little Downward Dog action...
...makes some transitions between the Cat and Cow stretches...
...and finishes up with a seated Easy Pose.
After a little meditation, he is oh so happy and ready to face the day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Rules

My most recent project...
...a Family Rules subway art design.

These signs are really in right now, and combining several different ideas from MANY different websites including here, here, here, and here, I came up with my own version.
 It took MUCH longer than planned (what project doesn't?!), but I'm pleased with the results.  I also made one for my mom and my mom-in-law for Mother's Day.
Now that they're finished, I have definitely satisfied my creative itch and will be taking a craft leave for QUITE a while.

#1 Doc

Brett would never share this, but as his proud wife, I feel I have the right to brag. 
Brett is a GREAT doctor.
Why, you ask, is he so great? 
Brett is congenial, patient, compassionate, cheerful, and sympathetic. 
All these traits make a good person, but they make an outstanding doctor. 
Since he started working at St. Joseph's Hospital almost a year ago, I regularly get reports of a patient who has referred all of their family and friends to him, or of a patient who has refused to see any other doctor.  This could not make me happier or more proud.  It is great to know that other people recognize what a wonderful person he is, and to know that his time away from our family is spent caring for and improving other people's lives.  I am so thankful for all of his hard work and dedication.    

Brett sampling a DELICIOUS cake pop that one of his sweet patients brought him as a thank you gift.

"Land of the Saints" to "Sin City"

Oh happy day!  It's VACATION time!!

Brett's one week scheduled vacation time somehow got booked wrong, and he ended up with a week-and-a-half off of work!  SCORE!  We took advantage and jumped on a plane to Utah to visit the Blaser Fam.
While we were there we...

...played LOTS of cards
...did some surfing at the Flowrider in Ogden (of course! a trip to UT is not complete with a visit to the Flowrider)
...cheered on Colby at his baseball game a great workout at Bobbie and Brittany's Zumba class
...took many rides in the golf cart
...went to the movies (I'm convinced Chris Hemsworth really is a God :) )
...had a picnic at the park
...met up with our buddies Kalie and Isaac Chamberlain for some scrumptious frozen yogurt (we missed you Kevin!)
...went on a FOUR hour hike with a four-yr-old boy in forty degree weather (NOT recommended :) )
...and survived SNOW in May (this is why we live in AZ!).
In one week we experienced all four seasons!  Blasers had so many fun activities planned, and we had an absolute blast, but were slightly exhausted when we left.

To help us wind down from our crazy week, we made a stop in Vegas for two days on our way home.
We did ALOT of walking so it wasn't as relaxing as we were initially thinking, but we were still able to...

...visit with my cousin Paige and her family
...make a pit stop at Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate
 ...enjoy the many sights of the strip
 ...go to our first Cirque du Soleil show (Weston was ENTHRALLED!)
 ...and spend a day in the pool swimming with Paige, Robert, and their two cute kiddos.

Unfortunately, this past year Brett hasn't had too much time to spend with Weston and I, so we were so happy to have a week-and-a-half to enjoy with one another.  Ahhh, we love vacation!