Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Irony of Gender

Brett likes to say that I have "girl crushes" because I'm constantly pointing out girls with cute outfits or cute hairdos. I like to say that I'm just taking mental notes on how to make MYSELF look cuter. Despite the reason that I do this, my hobby recently took a very ironic turn.

I was shopping at my favorite new Forever 21 (this seems to be a recurring theme!) when I saw the CUTEST girl walk past me. She was taller than me, thinner than me, had a beautiful complexion, the cutest long black hair (even though it was obviously extensions), and the most adorable dress and boots I have EVER seen! I was thinking about asking her where she got her boots from, but decided it might seem odd to chase after her for some shopping advice. About half an hour later as I was perusing another section, I overheard a man talking about his $200 sweat suit. I looked up because I was curious to see what kind of man buys, or is even INTERESTED in, a $200 sweat suit. Well, apparently one who also likes to pretend he's a girl. Yes, the chick that I had been oogling over was actually a dude!!!
(To my credit, I have since taken three different people there, all of whom thought she was beautiful and were convinced I was wrong until they heard her speak. In case you are thinking I'm still mistaken, I've also had confirmation from another Forever 21 employee.)

So now I'm wondering, should that be considered a "girl crush" or a "boy crush?" Hmmm.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Newest Addictions and Obsessions

Isn't there a saying, "Variety is the spice of life?" Well, I guess this means my life doesn't have much flavor. I tend to find things I absolutely love and stick with them. Brett says that I either love something...or I DON'T! So true!!

So in celebration of this, I make a toast to some of my newest obsessions...

*Softball - With my slowpitch team winning 21-1 yesterday, and my fastpitch league starting tomorrow, I just CANNOT get enough softball lately. A glance at all the bruises and scrapes on my legs will confirm this.

*Wholly Guacamole - Can I just say, one of the best food items on this planet. I HATED guacamole until my mom made me try this. Now I'm obsessed. Fortunately you can purchase it in 100 Cal. packs so I don't end up eating the whole box in one sitting.

*Rock Band - You know you're addicted to Rock Band when every party or get-together MUST begin with a session of Rock Band. We even have matching T's for one of our bands! Check Kalie's list to see if you are addicted to Rock Band too.

*Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper - I know I said this was a post about NEW addictions, and everyone knows this is NOT a new addiction for me, but I had to add it simply because... they discontinued it! GASP!!! I'm so upset! They replaced it with Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. I guess I'll have to stock up on Diet Vanilla flavoring to add to it. Or I could just harass Coca Cola until they bring it back. I like the second idea! :)

*Mustard Yellow - I currently own 3 (yes three!) pairs of shoes in this horribly AMAZING color and I can somehow seem to make them work with almost every outfit. That make sense though, since I also own a pair of earrings, 2 necklaces, and an ENDLESS number of shirts in this color. Oh, and did I mention I'm redoing our master bedroom in the color too. Don't worry, it's cuter than it sounds.

*Vacations - Again, not a new obsession, but I put it on the list because they seem to be coming in full force lately. Brett and I have a hard time turning down the chance to go on vacation, so including our trip to CA three weeks ago and my trip to Vegas this weekend, we currently have 9 possible vacations planned for the next few months. These include CA, Vegas, Utah, NYC, Philadelphia, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Zion's NP. Ridiculous, I know!

*My Gym - I know this sounds crazy, but I have very recently become addicted to working out. After a 3 year hiatus I am back at the gym and loving it more than ever. I plan my days around my workouts. I love my new little gym where I now recognize 1/3 of the people, where I know I won't get hit on or starred at, and where I pay only $11 a month!

*Skinny Jeans - I was never a fan, until I tried on a pair for myself. Now I can't stop wearing them. Who would have thought?

*Calcium Chews - In an effort to get me to consume more calcium (I don't drink milk), Brett found me some children's calcium supplements that taste just like Sour Patch Kids. I think I now get 300% of my daily value because I eat them like candy. He might need to put them under lock and key soon.

*The New 2-Story Forever 21 - I never knew that ONE store could put a smile on my face for weeks. I have already spent countless hours here, including standing in line on opening day for 2 hours to get a free gift card, and it's all worth it. It gives me a little glimpse of my beloved NYC shopping.

So...what are YOU currently obsessed with???

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday I was forced to do something that goes against everything I've been taught since childhood. I was required to purposefully do a BAD job, to not give 100%...and it's driving me CRAZY!!

Yesterday at work I had a patient come in that had not had her teeth cleaned in a year, and in this time, her once maintained gingivitis had progressed into full-fledged periodontal disease. I explained to the patient about the infection in her gums and the necessity of a deeper cleaning to remove the debris and bacteria from the roots of her teeth. She acknowledged the disease, but because she did not currently have a job or insurance to help cover the cost of the deeper cleaning, the patient stated that she just wanted a "regular cleaning." I explained to the patient the consequences of these actions, but she again declined the procedure and agreed to sign a Refusal of Treatment form. I was then compelled to do a VERY POOR job of cleaning her teeth. I knew that the patient had significant bone loss around her teeth and I could feel the debris up on her roots, but legally I was not able to remove it. I wanted so badly to remove all the debris and infection anyway, but this would have taken hours and was not what the patient wanted or was paying for. The crowns of her teeth are now very clean, but below her tissues is a raging infection, that if left untreated, will ultimately lead to the loss of her teeth. Although I did exactly what the patient told me to do, I feel like I failed her.

I guess I never knew that purposefully doing less than the best of my ability would bother me so much.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What were we THINKING

when Kim and I decided that we could actually do a Bikram Yoga class?! (This is no ordinary yoga class. Think one-and-a-half hours of intense yoga poses in a 105* heated sauna room.) I sweated out 5 lbs of water! I almost passed out...twice! What were we THINKING?! We got yelled at for talking, posing incorrectly, and forgetting to bring mats. It made me so sore, I could barely move for days after. What were we THINKING?!
And now, even as I write this, I'm ACTUALLY contemplating finding a Bikram Yoga studio here in Arizona. Seriously, WHAT AM I THINKING?!

(Also, what am I thinking posting these HORRIBLE pictures of myself?)