Monday, November 24, 2008

Thoughts, anyone?

So, I KNOW you have ALL seen the Twilight movie by now (as have I). Just curious as to your thoughts. Absolutely amazing or utterly atrocious?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uhh...we were bored?

Brett is home! Horray!

Now, what to do today...?

Brett suggested we go rollerblading.

After reminding him that the last time he sported some "blades" he had two adult women make fun of him, he suggested we go incognito.


We decided to go rollerblading in Sun City since you don't have to worry about getting run over there. :) While skating, we passed an older women who stopped us and asked what we were wearing on our feet. She thought they were iceskates! She ended up holding us hostage chatting away for 10 minutes before we could dart off, but apparently our costume efforts were not needed becuase I don't think she even realized we were dressed oddly. The Sun City folk are a little out of touch.

We were also fortunate enough to be yelled at by several different "watch men" when we started skating on this beautiful path that is desiganted as a No Skate Zone. I guess we missed the signs!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Just Wannna Have FUN!

What could be better when your husband is away for a month, than a girl's weekend with your bestest girly friend?....NOTHING! I was so lucky to have my BFF Kim come from San Diego to stay with me for the weekend. To say the least, we had an absolute blast. We shopped till we dropped (literally!); pampered ourselves with massages, facials, and pedicures; laughed and cried to 5 (yes, five) chick flicks; trespassed over barbed wire onto private property and almost got ticketed for it; danced on Mill Ave. with a bunch of hippies; dressed ourselves in some skimpy 80's digs (I CANNOT post pics of that!); got about 10 hours of sleep total; and laughed hysterically until we almost peed our pants...on multiple occasions! I am so grateful for an amazing friend that gets everything about me. We were meant to be!

Waiting for our massages.
Kim's masseuse decided to oil up and massage her hair and face as well, and Kim came out with bangs looking like Cameron Diaz's on "There's Something About Mary"! Too bad we didn't get any shots of that!

I promise I am not driving the car, talking on the phone, taking a picture, and laughing hysterically all at the same time. I did pull over to the side of the road for this one!

We met up with Jilene Brady and Lindsy Porter, two girls from our Dental Hygiene class that also live in AZ now, for dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Yum!!

Yes, we hiked through a big open piece of property to take pics by a Saguaro. And then a cop was waiting for us! Fortunately, we are two cute girls, so he decided we weren't up to much trouble and didn't give us a ticket. Phew!

Displaying our moment of craftiness for the weekend. These pics were taken around midnight, hence the not so cuteness.

Facials! We didn't notice the instructions for the masks said "leave on for 5 minutes," until after we spent an hour taking all these pics. Oops!

What's a girl's weekend without LOTS of DESSERT! We had cheesecake, ice cream, and of course...Pizookies! By the end of the weekend, our stomachs were not so happy!

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend to laugh, cry, scream, and shout with. Thanks Kim for an AMAZING weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I've Been "Tagged"

So...I've been tagged by both Amelia and Devin. Thanks girls! :)

First, I have to come up with 7 random things about myself. Easier said than done. Here goes...

1. I have a SEVERE fear of bees. Brett has actually used his "doctor knowledge" and diagnosed me with a PHOBIA of bees; it's called apiphobia. I think the problem is I have never actually been stung by one, and so I have this overbearing, and completely irrational, fear that I am deathly allergic and when I get my first sting I will go into anaphalactic shock and die. I know it's ridiculous, but it overcomes me. Just thinking about bees right now is making my heart race uncontrollably, and soon I'll be hyperventilating. I better move on to the next one!
2. I was a HORRIBLE child. Not just a really bad kid, but I actually almost convinced our neighbors to not have children! My parents tried everything they could short of beating me to stop my screaming fits, but to no avail. Someone had suggested to make a child calm down you can mist them in the face with a water bottle. Of course, this didn't work either. Worn out, my parents decided to take this suggestion to the next level. When I started screaming, they would simply hold me under a very cold shower and wouldn't pull me out until I stopped my tantrum. It didn't hurt me, but it was definitely uncomfortable! It actually worked, and I guess I eventually overcame my severe attitude problems. Don't worry, it's very rare that Brett has to throw me back in there. :)
3. I have E.T. fingers. No, I'm not an extra-terrestrial, but my fingertips turn almost a glowing white when I get too cold. I have what's called Raynaud's disease. Basically, when I get cold my blood vessels constrict and don't allow blood to my extremities: my fingers, toes, nose, and ears. My skin turns white and becomes cold and numb. This is why am so intolerant of the cold. I think it will come as a good excuse when Brett tries to convince me to move back to Utah. Sorry Blasers! :)
4. I was offered several full-ride scholarships (including housing and books) to several different colleges and universities that I did not even apply to, but I turned them all down for a tuition-only scholarship to BYU. I turned that down a year later, when I transferred to UVSC to attend their Dental Hygiene program. Apparently I don't appreciate free money...or I just knew what I wanted. I was graduated from college and licensed as a Dental Hygienist by the time I was 20.
5. I cannot do a single sit up. No, not one! But don't they say it's much more safe and effective to just do crunches instead? I agree with that! :)
6. I recently learned I LOVE onions! I always thought I hated onions, until one day I accidentally got onions on my In-n-out burger. One burger later, I realized I absolutely LOVE them. My new motto: The more onions, the better! Brett's convinced I could eat a whole one like an apple. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking about trying it!
7. Another thing I am paranoid of: being kidnapped and raped. Lovely, huh?! I will not go outside at night by myself if I can avoid it. I always watch the cars behind me when I'm driving to make sure no one is following me. I would not sleep in our house until we got an alarm system. We set it every time we leave, and I set it every night before we go to bed. I always get my keys out of my purse before I leave a store, and I check the cars around mine to make sure they are empty before I walk up to my car. Yes, it's all very ridiculous, but again, I can't help it!

Hopefully, you will all still be my friends after all these weird things you have learned about me. :)

Ok, next tag. The eights.

Eight shows I like to watch:
Prison Break
So You Think You Can Dance
The Soup (Joel McHale is the funniest person on this planet!)
Any show on Discovery HEALTH!
Friends (Still my fav show ever, I own every season on DVD)

Eight Restaurant I like to eat at:
Outback (my absolute fav!)
Cheesecake Factory
Costa Vida
Melting Pot
Paradise Bakery
Cold Stone
Tia Rosa's, Serranos, Abuelo's, Arriba's, Filiberto's (basically any mexican restaraunt; I could eat Mexican for every meal every day)

Eight things I've done today:
Woke up at 4:00am to bid farewell to Brett as he prepared to drive back to Tucson after a quick trip home
Went back to bed, and then got back up at 9:00. I love sleeping in!
Checked my email
Prepared my lesson for church (yes, the day of...)
Washed my hair (Ask Brett, this is a rare occurrence! :))
Played with my dogs
Went to church
Went to some friends' house for Sunday night games

Eight things I am looking forward to:
My BFF Kim coming this weekend from CA
The Twilight movie
Thanksgiving, YUM!!
Our upcoming trip to Utah for snowboarding, The Nutcracker, reunions with friends, family parties, and of course, CHRISTMAS!
My cute Bro coming home from his mission in good ol' NYC
Summer! (Winter has just barely started and I'm already sick of it!)
Not having to work anymore (Someday...)
For Brett to start making money, instead of paying money, for all these hours he is working so hard

Eight things on my wish list:
Travel the world
ICL(implantable lens) eye surgery...happening soon, hopefully!
To stay living in AZ, or at least somewhere WARM
The 14 day trans-atlantic cruise with a Flowrider (I'm still working on Brett for this one)
Our master room to be decorated (the only room I haven't even started on still)
A Lexus SC430 convertible :) (yeah right!)
To get caught back up with all my scrapbooking
A happy, healthy family someday

Eight people I tag: (Sorry ladies! You can pick either one)
Paige R.
Bridget P.
Christie B.
Bobbie R.
Niki S.
Sommer M.
Nicole R.
Morgan P.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

...and there was NO LINE!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Surprise

As many of you know, Brett has been in Tucson for the last week doing a rotation in Internal Medicine. Tucson is about 2 1/2 hours away, so we were planning on being apart most of this month. Well, a few days ago Brett's resident gave him a wonderful Halloween surprise...the day off!! Hooray!! Brett came home Thursday afternoon after he was done with work, and got to stay until this morning. I am not fond of going out by myself, so for Halloween I was planning on just staying home and passing out candy to all the cute kids from our neighborhood. With Brett home, however, we decided to attend a costume party some friends had invited us too. Because we had not been planning to go, we didn't have a costume prepared, so we started rummaging through our closets. This is what we came up with.
We went as scarecrows!

Here's some pics with a few friends. Jeff is a sport's guy with an incredible afro, and Hilary makes a very cute cat. Nate was Hugh Hefner and Katie was his pregnant bunny! We also had Princess Leah and Luke Skywalker with baby Yoda (that was hilarious Hill's!), a white trash Joe Dirt couple, Spiderman and Wonderwoman, and a few others. We all had a great time. Thanks so much to the Jensen's and the Hale's for putting everything together. We had a blast!!

P.S. I have decided that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Weird, I know, because I hate scary movies, haunted houses, or anything related to being freaked or grossed out. But what other day do adults get to dress up like total lunatics and act like little kids...and it's considered normal?! Plus, I LOVE all the pumpkin patches and the little babies in their costumes. Happy Halloween!!


I was so bummed to see a limited number of kids out trick-or-treating last night. Then I read this article this morning and it made me think twice about taking my kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. Maybe we'll just stick with the trunk-or-treats after all.