Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family, Friends, and Fake Nails

I must start by saying that I LOVE my in-laws (all 38 of them!), and I am SO SO blessed to be part of such a wonderful family! 

That being said, since most of the Blaser clan resides in Utah, we don't get to see them as often as we'd like.  To remedy this, a few weeks ago Weston and I took a quick trip to Utah to soak up some much needed family time. (Yes, Weston and I went to visit Brett's family without Brett.  He was working.  What's new?)  

Our few action-packed days included a trip to Logan to visit Brett's aunt, a trip to Provo to see my brother and sister, an evening spent with our wonderful friends the Chamberlains, and an all-girl Valentine's spa party.  SO much fun for only a few days!

After an hour's drive to see my bro and sis at BYU, these are the dumb faces they give me.  Wouldn't have it any other way!  LOVE THEM!  :)

The Blaser all-girl party was absolutely uh-mazing, complete with delicious food, acrylic nail manicures, eyebrow waxing, and lots of chit chat. 
My sis-in-law Bridget prepared all the food and decorations for the party as a project for a local news show.  Didn't she do a great job?!
Thanks so much to my mom-in-laws friend who ended up doing TWELVE sets of nails!  Whew!
All the meanwhile, Weston and Jaxon enjoyed crashing their first ever "girls only" party.
They weren't that impressed. :)
And of course, we had to get a pic with Christie, Bridget, and I all sporting our animal print.  Totally not planned, but oh so rad!

Weston and I had such a fun time seeing so many friends and family in such a short time, and hopefully next time we'll get to see those we missed.  Thanks so much to the Blasers for being such great hosts.  We can't wait to see you again soon!  Hint hint.  :)

What's That Smell?!

*** I've just found this post that was written awhile back, but never posted.  I think I wrote it, and then, having a moment of clarity, decided it was WAY too weird to post.  After finding it and re-reading it, it is VERY random, but it made me laugh, which is always a good thing, so I've decided to post it.  Here's a little glimpse into my random quirkiness.  Don't judge.  Or do.  Apparently, I don't care.

Also, if you're wondering, I did get a new garbage disposal RIGHT AWAY.  The stench (and the mess) is long gone.  Hooray.

What IS that smell?!
It's not the trashcans.  They just got emptied.
It's not the dogs' breath.  Their teeth were just cleaned.
It's not the baby.  He was just changed.
What is that smell, you ask?!
It's dirty, moldy water that has been (unknowingly to us) leaking out of the garbage disposal and pooling under the sink!
Dear Santa Baby, since I've been an angel all year, please forgo the '54 light blue convertible and yacht to bring me a new garbage disposal!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things to Love

Although Valentine's Day is meant to focus on the people we love, I decided for some odd reason to make a list of things I love.  (Don't worry. The people I love are each more important than all these things combined.)
100 Things that I LOVE: (in no particular order)
  1. Old signs
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Hot pink nail polish
  4. Sunsets
  5. Subway trains
  6. Baby shoes
  7. Lemonade
  8. Gel pens
  9. Skyscrapers
  10. Chocolate-covered strawberries
  11. Gerber daisies
  12. Black furniture
  13. Fortune cookies
  14. Christmas cards
  15. Chewy ice
  16. Polka dots
  17. Ocean waves
  18. S'mores
  19. Patterned tights
  20. White tigers
  21. Blackberries
  22. Ferris wheels
  23. Rotary phones
  24. Hats
  25. Stainless steel
  26. Hot chocolate
  27. Boots
  28. Sunshine
  29. Sweatsuits
  30. Scented soap
  31. Mint ice cream
  32. Funky socks
  33. Photo booths
  34. Fondue
  35. Roller coasters
  36. Fountain drinks
  37. Giant stuffed animals
  38. Orange roses
  39. Scarves
  40. Palm trees
  41. White chocolate
  42. Gossip magazines
  43. Hot air balloons
  44. Costumes
  45. Ladybugs
  46. Deep dish pizza
  47. Rain boots
  48. Drive-in movies
  49. Skinny jeans
  50. Sports cars
  51. Big sunglasses
  52. Fresh-cut grass
  53. Fireplaces
  54. Pedicures
  55. Cookies
  56. Bridges
  57. Cute umbrellas
  58. Road trips
  59. Swings
  60. Huge purses
  61. Watermelon
  62. Mexican food
  63. Gel eyeliner
  64. Cable cars
  65. Flip flops
  66. Photographs
  67. Hula hoops
  68. Zebra print
  69. Kettle corn
  70. Tulips
  71. Gummy worms
  72. Water balloons
  73. Cinnamon
  74. Peep toe shoes
  75. Giant clocks
  76. Slumber parties
  77. Fedoras
  78. Coupons
  79. Giraffes
  80. The moon
  81. Fireworks
  82. Sock monkeys
  83. Phone booths
  84. Headbands
  85. Houseboats
  86. Pecan pie
  87. Slippers
  88. Scented lotion
  89. Long necklaces
  90. Pretty books
  91. Waterfalls
  92. Hugs
  93. Cookie dough
  94. Scooters
  95. Zip-lines
  96. Street fairs
  97. Sharpies
  98. Hammocks
  99. Hoop earrings
  100. Cartwheels
 There are so many things to love in this world.  What do you love?
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All I Want for New Years...

...is my SIX front teeth!

Yes, believe it or not, my ALMOST four-month-old baby is currently battling the eruption of SIX new teeth!

Thus, this...
has been turning into this...
VERY quickly lately!

Don't believe me...here's the proof!
Considering he's not even four months and has six teeth coming in at once, I think he's handling the whole situation pretty well: a little more crying and fussiness; a lot more drooling, gnawing, and snuggling; a lot LESS napping.

I'm not sure yet what will be worse: a teething four-month-old OR a four-month-old with teeth!  YIKES!