Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wow, has it seriously been a month since I've blogged??!!  This is a new record that I am NOT proud of.  But, we are back in town, and I am realizing that my small "things to blog" list has now become a VERY large "things to blog" novel.  So, be prepared for a slew of updates.  But for now, we'll start back almost a month ago now, (gulp!) with the most important event in the last month - Weston's BIRTHDAY!!

Weston turned one on Tuesday, October 4th!

It absolutely AMAZES me that a year (plus a month now :]) has already gone by since we welcomed our new little boy into this world.  It is so true: time really does FLY!
 It took him about two seconds to figure out how to hold down the button and make this thing light up.  His words every time it turns on, "OOOOoooooo!"  :)
 Don't even TRY to make him get out of his car!
 Look at that face!!  This boy is ready for some CAKE!
 When you can't shove it in your mouth fast enough, forgo the hands and go for the direct shot!
 I think he liked it. :)  What do you think?!

Every day is such an adventure with Weston, and I feel SO blessed to be his mom. 

At one year old Weston LOVES...
...dogs! Especially his dog, but any dog will do.  He recently got bulldozed by a large bulldog - he came up laughing hysterically! walk on the treadmill.  I'm not sure if he's excited to copy mom and dad, or if he's just really into fitness. :) eat!  His favs include scrambled eggs, ice cream, any and all fruit, and Squeez applesauce.  The only food he has EVER turned down is avocados (which means more for me! YAY!). play dirty-sock tug-of-war with Kenzie.  He usually wins. :)
...anything with buttons, i.e. cell phones, computers, house alarms, stereos, tvs, cameras, etc.  Basically anything that can be broken. wrestle.  If mom or dad are not available, the next best thing is his 4.5 foot teddy bear.  He is a boy through and though! be outdoors.  Don't try to bring him inside unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences :) have his picture taken.  Seriously.  He gets the biggest cheesiest grin every time I bust out the camera.
...water! Anything that creates a splash, including the toilet and the dog's water bowl (ugh!), are great fun to Weston. :(  We're working on this. read books.  His current favs:   "I Love You Through and Through", "Brown Bear Brown Bear", and "Good Night Moon". give head butts... to people, to walls, to toys, and even to the dog.  Again, he is SUCH a boy!

We feel so blessed to have such a happy, healthy boy.  Happy Birthday Weston!!