Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Revival

Two years ago this March we took a trip to Utah, where a social media-savy sister-in-law introduced me to Instagram.  After a little Insta-browsing and some Insta-stalking, I made my first Insta-post.  And I was insta-hooked.  The speed.  The ease.  My trusty phone, that I carted everywhere anyways, was suddenly all I needed.  Over night, Instagram became my way of recording our lives and sharing our pictures.  My $$ expensive Canon camera instantly disappeared to a top shelf to collect dust, and I tried to pretend that I had forgotten what Blogger was.  And yet, every so often, I found myself opening up my Internet browser and reading through some of my old blog posts.  I would laugh.  I would smile.  I would cry.  And I would realize that this is my journal, my family history, that I've been ignoring.  And so I would make a vow to catch up and start over.  Yet as soon as I would think about how long it takes me to make a post (because I SUCK at writing but have serious OCD issues), and about how much catching up I had to do (years!), I would just as quickly abandon that vow and turn back to my oh-so-easy Instagram.  And so the moral of this story is...I blame Instagram, and not my trend toward laziness (ok, maybe that does have a bit to do with it!) for my two year hiatus from blogging.

But new countries and new years are all about new beginnings, right??  So I'm choosing a new beginning.  I'm vowing (for real this time!) to catch this blog (somewhat) up to date, and then to keep it up to date as best as possible.  Because I know, a few years from now, reading these posts will again make me laugh and bring me to tears in a way that Instagram just can't.  (And also I want to remember what our lives were like behind the Insta-curtain. :) )

I know that no one reads blogs anymore, which is probably a REALLY good thing, because I won't have to stress as much about my horrible grammar and my uncanny ability to not.make.sense.  I'll record our lives for us, and those few who actually choose to read along will just ignore my ugly writing.  In the words of Dr Seuss, "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

And so I begin this blog again, almost two years later and on the opposite side of the world, with a new expectation of what this will become.  It is a recording of our lives, for us.

Now pardon me, while I try to figure out

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  1. Way to go girl! I still love blogging our family events too! But yes, it gets harder and harder the more life happens. Good luck! I'll be here reading it. :)