Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beach Baby

Last weekend we took a quick trip to one of our favorite places
to see some of our favorite people
and do one of our favorite things.
It was our first trip to the beach toting our little man along, and although things were a little different, we still had a blast.
Most of the time Weston did this
while his parents read about kids,
played with kids,
and ACTED like kids.
When Weston was awake, he played in the sand
and chilled with his BCF (best cousin friend) Jaxon.
And when the day was through, we'd go inside, play some games, and enjoy the view!
Hooray for Brett's two days off and the 45 minute flight to San Diego!

Friday, January 21, 2011


On Sunday, January 2nd, this little boy was blessed by his father.
We were happy to have several friends and family members there to share the special day with us.  Standing in the circle were Weston's Grandpa Jones and Grandpa Blaser, his Uncle Garrett and Uncle Spencer, and several friends.
Brett gave a very sweet and beautiful blessing, and Weston was happy and content through it all.
Weston was blessed in the same blanket that all my siblings and I were blessed in.  We thought he looked pretty handsome, but I think we're probably slightly biased.
And when the day was all over, Weston decided to bust out a little Tom Cruise "Risky Business" action!
How we love this little man!

Glitter and Glow

1.5 million lights
+ dozens of unique hot air balloons
+ 75,000 people
+ several live bands
+ one ubber delicious funnel cake
+ a content sleeping baby
= a great night out to the Glendale Glitter and Glow Block Party!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Went To Work Today

It was weird.

Usually my days consist of nursing, housework, diaper changes, dishes, tummy time, laundry, yard work, and baths.  Today my day consisted of periodontal chartings, sterilizing, flossing instructions, xrays, polishing, instrument sharpening, and patient notes.

Before I left for work, I felt like I was abandoning my child.  Once I got there, it felt like a day off.  I worked hard.  I got caught up on the office gossip.  It felt like a glimpse into my former life.  But then I would think about my little man at home and remember that my life is completely different now.  I care more about how many dirty diapers he has during the day than about one patient's upcoming retirement or another patient's newly torn ACL.  How things have changed! 

It was great to have a day to myself, to communicate with other adults and think about things besides Weston's feeding schedule.  But at the same time, it is even greater that I have the ability to stay home and care for him on a daily basis.  To raise him and watch him grow, instead of leaving that responsibility to someone else. 

I am grateful that I have a skill I could support us with, but I am more grateful that I don't have to use it. 

BIG thanks to my hardworking hubby who makes my ability to stay home possible, and to my mom who took care of Weston so that I could fill in at my office for the day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Planet Orange

We like to start 'em out young here in Phoenix.  It builds true loyalty.  :)
Weston at his very first Phoenix Suns game at 8 1/2 weeks old.
He actually LOVED it!  He stayed awake for the ENTIRE game, soaking in all the action.
Thanks to Grandpa Jones for his sweet Suns hookups.  He got my mom and I seats in the wheelchair section so we could stand up and walk around with Weston without hindering anyone's views.  Fortunately, the game kept Weston entertained so we were off the hook.  Brett and my dad enjoyed the game a little closer to the action, from my dad's regular season seats. 
We're just doing our part to help build a new generation of Suns fans!

A True Fortune

Fat ✔
Bald ✔
Toothless ✔
Poops in his pants ✔
Can't speak a word of English ✔
Head over heels in love ✔!✔!✔!✔!!!!

Search Results

I don't remember what I was originally searching for, but I ended up typing Brett's name into google.  This was one of the results that popped up.  It made me smile.  SO PROUD!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Countdown

A quick Top 10 to remember the year of 2010...

10.  This year I had TEN sunbeams in my class, the most yet!  I loved teaching the 3-year-old sunbeam class for the past three years and it was a bitter-sweet moment when I was finally released in October.
9. We were so blessed to be able to escape from home for NINE different vacations this year, including 2 trips to Carlsbad, a quick escape to Disneyland with friends, a few different all-girls and all-boys trips, and some trips to Utah.
8. After surviving EIGHT years of college, in June Brett graduated from medical school and earned his physician's license.  Congrats Brett!  I couldn't be prouder!
7. My love of softball continues, and I was able to play in a women's fast pitch league until I was SEVEN-teen weeks pregnant.  Hopefully now that Weston has arrived I'll be able to start back up real soon! 
6. Can it really be six-and-a-half years since we tied the knot?!  In July we celebrated our SIX year anniversary!  How time flies!
5.  Brett is now working as a Family Medicine Resident at St. Joseph's Hospital.  He has extremely long hours and his typical day starts around FIVE am!  We enjoy every minute that he is home.
4. After working as a Dental Hygienist for FOUR years, I took a break in October to stay home and take care of Weston.  So far it's been pretty enjoyable and I haven't been too tempted to go back to work. :)
3. It took us THREE weeks of extremely hard work, but in June we were able to completely redo almost all the flooring in our house.  We put hardwood floor in our living room and hallways and new carpet in our family room and bedrooms.  We almost feel like we're living in a new house!
2. We are still enjoying life with our TWO dogs Kenzie and Tucker, but they've definitely been downgraded on the priority list since Weston came along.  I think they might be a little jealous. :)
1. Of course, our #1 of 2010 had to be the arrival of our number ONE son Weston born on October 4th!  We have been so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby and can't imagine life without him.

Here's to a great 2010 and hopes that 2011 will be just as wonderful!

Holly and Jolly

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We knew our Christmas would be great even before it began with the news that Brett would have Christmas day off of work!  Hooray!!  It just so happened that his ONE day off happened to fall on Christmas Day!  Imagine the luck!  He had to work Christmas Eve and the day after, but we felt so blessed to have him home for Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve we celebrated the birth of Christ by enjoying the beautiful light displays and an amazing vocal performance at the Mesa Temple.
Weston was ENTHRALLED with all the bright lights!  He was not so thrilled with the cold weather, however.
After enjoying the lights, we went to my parents and busted out the original Nintendo for some riotous boys vs. girls games of Wheel of Fortune! Yes, my parents do still own the old school system, and yes it still works!
Christmas morning we woke to find that Santa had indeed found us in Mesa. :)  He had even brought Weston his very own stocking!  (Thanks so much to his Great-grandma Mardell for the super cute stocking.)
Weston didn't really seem to care.  He slept through ALL of Christmas morning and woke just in time for the last two presents to be opened.  In the mean time, we all had fun acting like little kids - shaking and opening each others' presents.
Weston woke up just in time to try on his new fur ugg boots.  I think he likes them. :)
Christmas night we took advantage of the brand new law and shot off some fireworks for the first time EVER in Arizona.
We had a great day and can't wait till next year when our little boy will be a little more interested. :)  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!