Monday, March 19, 2012

Utah Fun

Brett had a week of vacation he needed to use up this month, so...Utah here we come!  We always miss the Blaser clan, and look for any excuse to get together with the Fam.

As soon as we arrived in Bountiful, Weston felt right at home... Grandpa and Grandma have plenty of swords and balls. :)
We took our regular visit up to Ogden and the Flowrider.  Weston had a blast playing in the water, and I'm sure he'll be surfing before we know it. 
While we were all at the Flowrider, we had a surprise baby arrival.  Brett's brother BJ barely made it home from Ogden in time, and the baby was born 12 minutes after they walked into the hospital!!  We were all very impressed with Christie's no-epidural delivery!  We decided to pay a visit to the hospital in a way BJ and Christie would appreciate...with WIGS.  
Talk about creepy...
Baby Brigham was absolutely PERFECT and Christie looked just as good herself.
While in Salt Lake, we also got to meet up with our buddies Kalie and Isaac Chamberlain for a fun morning at the Gateway Discovery Center.  SO SO sad that I didn't get any pics of us together. :( Just one of Weston to document the trip.

Then after only a day and a half in Bountiful, we zipped our suitcases back up and headed down to St. George with a bunch of the fam.  Check out this car packed with FOUR car seats and one very good 8-year-old helper. 
Once in St. George we spent most of our time...
...hiking and biking through Snow Canyon...
(Notice Weston folded in half in the carrier!  He is really sleeping like that.)
...playing cards...
(this is how we entertained the little boys and kept them away from the cards: chocolate milk, cheerios, and a movie.  such great parenting.)
...and visiting with Friends. 
Chris and Nichole Forsey stayed with us, and Steve and Laura Crawford and John and Jessica Leavitt stopped by for several visits.  So fun to catch up. 
At one point, the boys decided they needed to do something manly, so they headed out to rock climb and shoot BB's...
...but quickly changed to throwing large sandstone rocks off the cliffs after they ran out of BB's.  Can you just feel the testosterone swelling?? ;)
Sporting some sweet poses:
Chris Forsey, Brett, Colby, and Chase
Nichole Forsey, baby girl, and Me
(Obviously I was informed of this hike at the last minute, thus I'm in a cardigan and jeans with tennis shoes.  Not the greatest hiking outfit.)
Someone left these cheese puff balls out and Weston discovered them.  You would have thought he had died and gone to heaven.  He devoured a fifth of the carton before I even noticed.  I'm seriously surprised he didn't puke.  Look at that face after being caught.  SO cute!
And apparently Bridget got bored one night, and I found these wonderful pics on my camera.  Sorry Bridge.  I HAD to post them.  Don't kill me.

After a wonderful four days in St. George, we headed back up to Bountiful to get in a little more time with the rest of the family...
...and then packed our bags and headed home.  Weston was a champ on both plane flights and both road trips, and spent most of the time buckling the seat belts and playing games on Dad's phone.
We had an absolute BLAST but need about a week to recover from all the partying and lack of sleep.  Thanks Blasers for always showing us a good time.  Love you all.


  1. SO fun!!! What an awesome family, and so glad you got to get away!

  2. What a great little trip! So sad we missed seeing you guys. Congrats on the new nephew!

  3. so fun! glad you had such a good time and so glad youre back:)!

  4. I was waiting until you saw my pictures lol! I thought I was pretty funny