Monday, March 5, 2012

Weston Faves

Weston is definitely building up his own little personality lately.  This boy is VERY passionate about the things near and dear to his heart. 

A few of his absolute faves...

...his swords (which could be any of the following: swords, spatulas, rulers, mixing spoons, cardboard tubes, etc)
A true boy is never without at least one (or three) swords.  Don't challenge him to a sword fight unless you're ready for a good challenge.

...keys (or in Weston's words "EEEYS!!!")
Oh, the obsession with keys. He knows which keys open/start which things, and must know where a set of keys is at all times. He recently got his own set of real un-cut keys just so we can prevent any more lost keys.

The ONLY time I get this kid to sit still for more than a second.  I think we read at least ten books a day...and Weston has several of his faves memorized.

...climbing (EVERYTHING...any chair, table, piano, counter, toilet, desk, get the idea.  Also, the higher the better.)
Different places I have found him after a mere 30 seconds of inattention.
How he manages to have a head still intact, I have no idea.
Can you tell Dad dressed him? :)
Just to get an idea on this height, compare the counter height to the toilet.  When standing on the ground, his head only comes to the drawer knobs!
 We're trying to teach him climbing is an outdoor thing.  There is obviously room for improvement.

...the moon and stars
I never realized there were moons and stars in SO many, advertisements, decor, pictures, street signs, books...he spots them all...and "oohs and ahhs" continuously until you acknowledge.

...footballs, or any balls for that matter
A bedtime story is not complete without a football in hand
Neither is a good meal.

Our little boy is DEFINITELY, ALL BOY!! 


  1. LOVE this post. He sure is one of the cutest boys, ever. I can't wait for Weston and Ashton to be best little buds. I can just see frolfing in their future. :)

  2. What darling little obsessions! :) The climbing one would frighten me a little. We're not there yet with Ben...

  3. so cute! seriously I am just dying over him. cant wait to see him tomorrow

  4. hes' so darling! and so blonde! what a sweetheart.
    Q has that same hurley shirt!