Monday, January 26, 2009

Back in Time

My friend Kalie tagged me forever ago, and despite all my good intentions, I entirely forgot! Well, I have nothing else to blog about and it seemed like something fun, so here it goes.

1 minute ago... I gobbled down an entire bag of fishy crackers. Most of you already know my obsession with those things. They are dangerous!

1 hour ago... I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap, snuggled up with my cute hubby.

1 day ago... I was hiking (and running!) up Thunderbird Mountain park with some of my bestest girly friends.

1 week ago... I was spending a rowdy Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends, cheering on the AZ Cardinals to victory.

1 month ago... I was in Utah spending time with friends and family, while trying to endure 10 days of ice and snow.

1 year ago... I was freaking out over the thought of managing 6 three-year-olds for a few hours every Sunday. This year I have 9!

3 years ago... I was studying for my dental hygiene boards, while praying that Brett's medical school interviews went well.

5 years ago... I was dating an EXTREMELY handsome guy (wink wink!), who apparently liked me enough to push me through the snow around BYU campus in my wheelchair.

7 years ago... I was playing softball 4 hours a day, lifting weights 1 hour a day, and feeling incredibly fit. If only I had that kind of motivation now!

10 years ago... I was thirteen, in junior high, and a foot and a half taller than all the boys.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My throat is raw...

...enough said!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Recent Attempts at Craftiness

For Christmas, I decided to make my missionary brother a scrapbook of our family. There's not many things you are allowed to send to missionaries for the holidays, but family pictures are always welcome. It sounded like a great idea back in early November, but needless to say, I am a procrastinator and did not finish the project by Christmas. Somehow, I don't think my brother will mind. This is what I've been spending all my time on.

All the scrapbooking got my creative side going, and I felt like doing something else fun. I saw a few decorated candles somewhere, so I decided to dress up some of my own. The finished product...

Why I LOVE Arizona

Sunday, January 11, 2009


GO CARDS!!! They're headed to the NFC Championship! Now only ONE win away from the SUPER BOWL!! Keep your fingers crossed...

(At the home playoff game against the Falcons last week.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Christmas Catch-up (Part 1)

Somehow again, I find myself with several weeks of blogging catch-up to do. I think that the holidays and blogging just don't go well together. They each take up way too much time! But now the holidays are over, and I can resume my normal blogging activity. I guess I have alot to catch up on, so only read on if you are actually REALLY interested in what we've been up to, because warning: there's ALOT. Three posts worth, I think! So...

Christmas in Utah
Believe it or not, this was the first year in our 5 Christmases together that Brett and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Utah! The past few years we have spent Christmas Eve and morning with my family here in AZ, and then flown to Utah for Christmas evening with the Blasers. It was so much fun to be in Utah this year for Christmas morning to watch all the little nieces and nephews open their presents and scream in excitement. Brett and I even got to help act as "Santa" and put out some of the kids presents and stockings!
Christmas Eve, we re-enacted the Nativity with an all-star cast! Brett was one of the 3 wisemen, and I was the angel (perfect for me, huh?! :)). Our performance probably turned out a little sacrilegious, but we had fun and were able to remember the true meaning of Christmas.Our Full Cast: Mary and Joseph, the three wisemen, the angel, the inn keeper, a shepherd, a sheep, and a donkey.

While in Utah, we were hit with several blizzards, which didn't make me very happy, but did provide for some great snowboarding and sledding (see one of my other posts below for more info on our CRAZY sledding adventures!). With our friends Chris and Nicole. Yes, we actually snowboarded all day in this! It was snowing like CRAZY and FREEZING cold all day long, but the powder was several feet deep and the slopes were empty, so I guess it ended up being a great day.

One of the best parts of Christmas: we were able to talk to my brother Garrett who is serving his mission in New York City. I was nervous we would not be able to talk to him because we were not in AZ, but fortunately my family was able to put us on a 3-way call, so we could all chat at once. It was so fun to hear his voice again, and I can't wait till he comes home in July.

Let the fun begin! (Christmas - Part 2)

One of our favorite things to do while in Utah is to drive up to Ogden and go Flowriding. It has kind of become a family tradition, and there's nothing better to get you through the winter, than putting on a swimsuit and going surfing! The last two times we have gone, we have also been able to do the iFLY, which is basically indoor skydiving. You get to experience the feeling of skydiving, without the danger involved. Brett and I have both been skydiving for real, but this is a great activity for when you don't have the time to spend a whole day at a jump center. This is also great because kids 3 and up are able to participate. There is something about watching the little nieces and nephews flying around that is just TONZ of fun!


Unfortunately, we didn't get any good videos of Brett, but I promise he is just as skilled.Check out my 180! Yes, I'm riding with my back foot forward. This only lasted a few seconds! :)

Getting ready to go! We didn't take any pics of us flying this time, so these are from last year.

Sledding Madness!! (Christmas - Part 3)

Because there was so much miserable snow in UT, we decided we should try to enjoy it and go sledding. The first day we went, we took some of the kids to a hill at the local elementary school. We had alot of fun and everything went well. Brett did successfully attempt snowboarding down the hill on the sled, but that was the most outrageous occurrence of the day. Our next sledding day was not so ordinary! We decided to get the whole family together for a large sledding day down the side of Brett's parent's house. The night before, Brett thought he would go outside and groom a path, and in the process, decided to create a jump. The jump started out fairly small, but as the family got together and the boys started gaining confidence, it slowly grew larger and larger. Brett was on constant jump maintenance. Eventually we were jumping over 5 adults and clearing them by 5-10 feet! Brett even did a barrel roll...and landed it! Fortunately Brett had spent alot of time grooming the landing and perfecting the angles, so no one got hurt. It was an absolute blast and Brett is already planning his course for next year. I am worried! :)

Can you believe no one got hurt after all that?! I can't!!